The 12 week online fitness and wellness program for busy, dedicated women to take you from unsure and stuck to confident and capable with a system that actually works for you

Have you...

  • Felt tired of searching for the right program for you that you can actually stick with long term
  • Tried so many things in the past it feels like nothing will ever be the right fit for you?
  • Tired of society’s expectation of what you should look like, feel like, and the unrealistic expectations placed on you?
  • Feel like there isn’t enough time in your schedule and wonder how you can consistently make fitness and health a priority?
  • Wish you had started making bigger progress towards your goals sooner?

Feel familiar?

If so keep reading.

I am about to show you how you can find the right program for you.

To not only take action towards your goals but to gain the tools, support, and knowledge to maintain and sustain those goals long term.

One that fits your unique lifestyle, habits, values and day to day.

Follow below to find what fitness can look like for you.

I am going to lead you through the tools, foundation, and kickstart you need.

You're in the right place if:

You're ready to take real action towards your fitness, wellness, and health.

You're committed to putting your goals in action and working to prioritize your health.

My fitness, wellness, and health have gone through many different stages.

And through many different relationships with myself, my expectations, my schedule, and realities of life.

A big transition for me was when I went from fitness and activity being naturally built into my schedule to having to put in the effort to make it a part of my life, week, and priorities. 

I struggled with staying consistent when the action became more a choice and less of a natural routine.

Over the years, I have found that creating routines and habits within my fitness and wellness is where I find my own consistency, motivation, maintainability, and drive.

  • My habits are part of my fitness and wellness.
  • Fitness is more attainable when I enjoy what I am doing and I stick to it when I enjoy it!
  • It is okay if my fitness, wellness, and health change over time with my life as long as I find the consistent actions that I can maintain throughout.

I took these tools into working with my clients, and have seen many light bulb moments and perspectives shift.

From fitness being an unattainable part of their lifestyle to something that they can shape to be their own.

For many of my clients, their biggest struggle is finding a program that will fit into their actual day to day long term.

One that fits in easily. One that they enjoy making fit in. One that feels natural.

The 12 week online fitness and wellness program for busy, dedicated women to take you from unsure and stuck to capable and motivated with system that actually works for you

We will set your foundation. Define your goals and how to reach them. Develop an action plan.

Putting your action plan in motion with weekly workouts, habit building, and schedule prioritization.

You've developed the tools, knowledge, support, and confidence to reach, stick with, and maintain your goals and overall health and fitness!

Detailed Intake Process 

Focus questionnaire and 60 minutes intake strategy planning session, movement assessment, and workout so I can design everything specifically to you.

One on One Coaching

Weekly check ins, video submissions for form and questions, support messaging and check ins through my easy access app.

Personalized Programming

Detailed action plan based on your goals and intake process. Simple lead through and tracked workouts. Extensive video and explanation library for all workouts.

Habit and Nutrition Tracking

Realistic small actions and steps. Reminders and accountability check ins. Designed based on your goals, interests, and values.

Habits naturally built into your schedule that make fitness, wellness, and health a natural and exciting part of your day to day.

Feeling confident, comfortable and strong in your unique body.

During this personalized process we will develop the habits and actions that will get you to your goals and keep you going.

You will finally find that feeling of knowing you have stuck to, can stick to, and will stick to a program that works for you long term.

"I definitely 100% recommend Arina Hunter wellness guru for anyone who is interested in starting or pursuing or pushing their wellness journey. She is a fantastic coach who meets you where you are and where you’re at and takes your goals seriously. 

When we first started, we did a little session to figure out where I am and what my goals are. And I could really tell that she tailored the workouts and her messages and all of my tracking. It was all tailored to me and what I needed. So definitely take her up on it.

For those on the fence, the hardest part is getting started. And this is something that Arina and I have talked about. Just get up put one foot in front of the other. If you don’t feel like you can do the workout, just try the warmup. See how you feel after that. After the warmup if you feel like you can keep going, keep going. And I promise it does get easier. The hardest part is just getting started. 

Spread the news far and wide Arina is a fantastic coach and I really appreciate that she is interested in everyone’s overall wellness. And not just the numbers on a scale or the number of weights that you are lifting or whatever. I really really like her approach, it’s very approachable." ~Brooke

Sound like the right fit for you?

Ready to put your foundation and goals into action?

Ready to take action towards the goals and life you have dreamed of for your long term health and fitness?

With the in depth, personalized nature of this program, I only open a limited number of spots each session.

Want to see if we are the right fit for each other?

Book a free strategy call with me.

We will dive into first step actions for your goals and create an action plan to reach them.

  • Find a version of fitness that fits their demanding schedules.
  • Go from not knowing what fitness looks like for you to having the tools, knowledge and support to know what is.
  • Ditch the programs, plans, and diets that did not work for them in the past and are ready to take action towards their goals today.
  • Go from not feeling like they are making any good progress on their goals to feeling awesome in their incredible body, powerful, strong, and capable.
  • Take big action towards their goals and prioritize their fitness, wellness and health. 

"I loved working with Arina! She is super approachable and made it easy to talk about my challenges and goals. Week over week, she was very adaptable and added plenty of variation in exercises, which really helped me stay excited about each and every workout.

With Arina’s encouragement and weekly check ins, I have redeveloped my workout routine and felt much more motivated! My arms feel stronger, and my core feels tighter as well. 

I have been learning to treat each week, day, and workout as a clean slate! Arina’s encouragement has helped me accept that it’s ok to fall off as long as we get back on again.

 If someone was in the fence I would tell them that you are very personable and easy to work with. It has been much more helpful for me to be working directly with Arina than any other fitness or nutrition program I have tried." ~Deja

"I would definitely recommend working with Arina. She is so smart when it comes to body mechanics and the way bodies of various sizes and abilities can move. And so being able to work with somebody who can work with you where you are to work specifically towards a goal is really really wonderful. 

And I would say if you are on the fence, just do it. Because What’s the worst that’s gonna happen? You’re going to workout with a really awesome person. And having that personal connection. Having somebody specifically tailor a workout to you is not something I have been able to experience, especially while in quarantine." ~Katt

When Katt and Deja turned fitness into habits, especially ones they look forward to, it went from overwhelming to a natural part of their week.

This excitement in reaching little goals along the way and seeing progress slowly unfold builds into their bigger goals and long term health

They feel confident in their abilities with these tools, comfortable in their unique body, and capable of maintaining their health, wellness, and fitness throughout life's different stages.

Let's find this for you!

Ready to take action towards your goals today?

Ready to know what fitness, health and wellness look like for you?

With the in depth, personalized nature of this program, I only open a limited number of spots each session.

So I can deeply devote my time to supporting you!

Want to see if we are the right fit for each other?

Book a free strategy call with me.

We will dive into first step actions for your goals and create an action plan to reach them.